François de Laval, a missionary bishop, a visionary, a bold man, a founder… and a Saint!

Sent out as apostles to all. The relevance of François de Laval’s missionary guidelines

Doris Lamontagne, pfm


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The title is based on the writings of François de Laval. When Pope Francis canonized François de Laval in 2014, he confirmed that the missionary guidelines of the “Apostle of the Americas” are still relevant today. This book offers a new look at the pastoral life of François de Laval and the missionary guidelines of his work as a bishop. Thes markers were inspired by the Early Church, as he firmly believed that the Church of New France had received the same grace as the earliest Christian communities. His missionary guidelines remain an important source of inspiration as we continue the Mission today. Preface by Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix. Translated by Benjamin Waterhouse.

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