François de Laval, a missionary bishop, a visionary, a bold man, a founder… and a Saint!

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Since 1993, the Centre d’animation François-De Laval has welcomed thousands of visitors wishing to explore the permanent exhibition. The Centre has several animations to help passers-by to discover our Saint. We can also welcome school and parish groups and pilgrims upon reservation for various activities.

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The Centre is located inside the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral, site of the funeral chapel of Saint François de Laval where his body lays, his first tomb, and the crypt that houses the remains of every bishop who presided over the destiny of the Quebec Diocese over its 350-year history: the place where François de Laval lived and realized his extensive achievements.

We travel to various locations in response to all sorts of requests:

for conferences

for retreats

for presentations of the Saint

We receive correspondence requesting information and documentation from both within Canada and abroad. Testimonies from people who were affected by this extraordinary man are also sent from within Canada, Europe, the United States and Mexico, and even from Africa and Asia.

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Pray with François

Meet a pilgrim, a devoted pastor and a loving missionary. Entrust him with your prayer intentions.


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Find books and articles on the subject. An ideal research tool for anyone wishing to know more about this great man.

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