François de Laval, a missionary bishop, a visionary, a bold man, a founder… and a Saint!

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To learn more about the life, the work and the spirituality of New France’s first bishop, recognized as Saint by the Catholic Church since April 3rd, 2014.

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Newsletter 45, December 2022

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Giclée Saint François de Québec in limited edition, numbered and signed with artist Daniel Abel’s monochrome, in large or small format


Novena of the founders of Church of Quebec 2022 (April 30 – May 8). Program available here.

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Meet a pilgrim, a devoted pastor and a loving missionary. Entrust him with your prayer intentions.


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Read the correspondence of François de Laval and his contemporaries. Find books and articles on the subject. An ideal research tool for anyone wishing to know more about this great man.